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March 26, 2018
Works very well  

Been using for a month or so and works very well.

Pro tip: to more easily dump spent grounds, turn Solofill upside down and tap a few times on counter.

March 26, 2018
My new favorite solofill k cup  

I have a few different types of solofill k cups and this is my favorite. I love the fact that is all that ne piece which make it not only to use but also cleaning is a breeze. Plus there are no pieces that can get lost like the k4 gold or K3 chrome which come with a separate bottom piece along with a tampering key. I liked the K4 gold but dislike that is harder to clean and you can easily loose the tampering key. So when they came out with this new one and I ordered right away it became my all time favorite. Coffee tastes great, set up and clean up is easy and no pieces to lose.
I suspect for those of you who want stronger coffee than the K4 gold is the way to go just when dumpimg pit the grinds do it in something small in case you loose the tampering piece you can find it without having to dig thru the garbage.

Also there customer service is really should you have a problem with there product and need help.

June 24, 2017

Love my Grinder. had it for about 5 years I think. I would not trade it in for nothing. My Reservoir piece (base and lid) cracked and I would like to get that replace.
for now I super glued it LoL where do I look for the parts dept?


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