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July 26, 2020
Almost perfect  

I loved my first Solofill so much I decided I absolutely needed another. I found the Solopod. Two things keep me from giving it a higher rating. First, the tamping feature makes it more difficult to clean than the Solofill. Perhaps I’m more pedestrian than your average coffee drinker, but after trying all three settings, I’ve noticed no difference. Considering I frequently find myself fishing the tamper and tamping key out of the trash as I attempt to knock loose the used coffee, and trying to rinse said used coffee from the unit, this feature is absolutely not worth the trouble, in my humble opinion. Secondly, we recently acquired a top of the line Keurig brewer that hooks directly into a water line. I find I lose roughly 1/3 of the water when making a cup of coffee with water somehow gushing past the Solopod and straight out of the coffee maker, making a large mess (luckily it’s only hot water). When I open the unit, more water spills out. Interestingly, the Solopod works fine with my Keurig Mini, and my original Solofill works just fine with the new Keurig (and it’s so much easier to clean!). Over all, Solofill makes a product that’s far better than what even Keurig provides, and I plan on purchasing another Solofill, just not the Solopod.

July 9, 2020
Pretty good  

So I caved in and finally bought this. I've been using the solofill cups for a long time since my original Keurig. I've upgrade twice already to the Vue and now 2.0 and have used solofill cups for all of them. I've been grinding my own beans for years and have to pre-grind them once a week now since I just didn't have the time to do it daily. This definitely saves me time and gives me fresh grind everyday and exactly how much I need for the pod. My only gripe is that I like to have a large cup of coffee in the morning so I wish they had another holder that can hold the larger solofill cup which I also own. Please make another attachment I can purchase!!

May 22, 2019
Solofil Forever!  

This grinder system is, simply put, part of our family! It has been greeting us every morning for several years now and has never let us down. Keeping him free of coffee dust and full of beans, (because he works hard around here), is all we have to do. Every once in a while I come back to check the website to see if there is a new model or other goodies. However, this grinder shows no signs of letting us down even after all these years of service. Gee, why can't the cellphone folks make devices like this 😉

We will talk about the cups in another chapter...


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